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About PU coated gloves


Handdier is a professional manufacturer of PU coated gloves, PU coating is a coating that can be used on a variety of products, including gloves. The PU coating can provide a protective barrier against chemicals and other materials that may be harmful to the user's skin. In addition to providing protection, the PU coating improves the glove's appearance and grip.


What are PU coated gloves?

PU gloves coated is a kind of gloves made of material treated with polar agent. The agent forms a layer of plastic on the surface of the glove, making it resistant to oil and grease. This makes PU coated gloves an excellent choice for work environments that require heavy use of grease.


PU coated gloves

PU coated gloves


- PU coating is used on gloves to make them resistant to oil, sweat and other chemicals.


- The Pu coating also helps the glove resist abrasion.


- Gloves with a PU coating are generally more durable and last longer than gloves without a coating.


PU gloves coated are used in a wide range of industries, including food production, textile manufacturing and chemical manufacturing, to effectively protect hands from contamination and keep them clean.

PU coated gloves

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