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About latex coated gloves


Looking for Latex coated gloves manufacturers? Just look at our company! We offer the highest quality Latex coated gloves in the industry and our gloves are perfect for all types of applications. From food service to manufacturing, we have the perfect gloves for you. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services.


Latex coated gloves are made from latex, a latex derivative of natural rubber. The latex is mixed with a binder and, depending on the type of glove, other fillers such as talc or glass suction cups. The ingredients are then mixed together and placed in a mold. The mold is then heated to a specific temperature, and the glove is pulled out of the mold. The glove is then cut to the desired length and shape and any imperfections are corrected.


latex coated gloves


Latex coated gloves


Qualified latex coated gloves should have the following characteristics: Latex coated gloves should be made of durable, breathable materials that are resistant to oils and other substances, and can protect hands from food particles, bacteria and other contaminants. Gloves should fit snugly so they don't slip off during use. Gloves should be easy to clean and free of harmful chemicals. Latex gloves should be breathable, non-toxic, stretchy, long lasting, and have a snug fit to avoid wind and keep hands warm. Finally, gloves should be easy to clean and comfortable to hold.

Latex coated gloves

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