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Sports safety gloves | Anti-vibration safety gloves | Safety gloves
Sports safety gloves | Anti-vibration safety gloves | Safety gloves

Sports ,Anti-vibration safety gloves

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Microfiber Polyester Spandex Synthetic liner, Anti vibration padding on palm , leather reinforcement between thumb,TPR sewed on the finger,Velcro on cuff 

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  • Sports safety gloves | Anti-vibration safety gloves | Safety gloves

      Product name:Mechanic gloves   Liner : Microfiber Polyester Spandex Synthetic
      Size : 7/S, 8/M,9/L,10/XL,11/XXL
      Leadtime : 45-60days  
      Type:Work gloves
      MOQ :  6000 pairs     OEM : Size ,color, packing  
      Keywords :  Gloves
      Colour :  Yellow



    Advantage :


    • Impact proof

    • Wear-resistant

    • Washable

    • Comfortable

    • Secure fit 





    Cycling ,ridding , sports, clean-up, construction, equipment operation, rigging, yard work


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    About Sports safety gloves


    There are many Sports safety gloves available on the market today. Each glove has a different level of protection for your hand. The best gloves will have anti-vibration technology to reduce the feeling of vibration. Sports safety gloves also have varying degrees of protection. Some gloves only protect your hands when you're wearing a helmet, while others protect both your hands and your face. It is important to choose the right gloves for your sport and level of protection.


    Sports safety gloves


    Sports safety gloves are designed to protect hands from shock and vibration during exercise. They are made of materials that reduce the amount of noise and vibration transmitted to the hands, which can lead to injury. Sports safety gloves also help keep hands warm in cold weather conditions.


    When it comes to sports safety, wearing gloves is a must. Not only do they protect your hands from injury, but they also help keep sweat and bacteria out of your eyes. It is important to wear gloves if you are playing a sport that involves contact with other athletes or objects.


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