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Insulating gloves | electrician gloves | coated gloves
Insulating gloves | electrician gloves | coated gloves

Insulating gloves , electrician gloves

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  • Insulating gloves | electrician gloves | coated gloves

      Product name:Insulating Gloves   Material : High quality dielectric natural rubber
      Application:Electrician lineman, etc.
      Long: 15.8”  Width: 7.5”
      Thickness :≤1.5mm
      Type:Work gloves
      weight:650g   Color: Orange



    Advantage :


    • Excellent dielectric properties

    • Increased durability

    • Flexibility

    • Comfort and physical strength





    Suitable for electrician lineman and high voltage machine work,electrical contractor and field service work, high voltage machine operation and other industrial applications


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    About Insulating gloves


    Insulating gloves are a must-have for anyone outdoors in the winter. They keep your hands warm and help prevent frostbite. Choose gloves that fit well and are made of waterproof and windproof materials.


    There are many types of Insulating gloves, which can be divided into categories such as work gloves, gardening gloves, cold weather gloves and motorcycle gloves. Insulating gloves provide extra warmth and protection from the elements. Some gloves also feature breathable linings to keep your hands cool in warm weather conditions.


    Insulating gloves


    Insulating gloves aren't just for cold weather. They also provide an advantage in hot weather because they help keep your hands warm. Insulating gloves are often worn when handling hot objects, such as welding rods. Not only do they keep your hands warm, but they also help protect them from burns.


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