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Selection and application of insulating gloves


Selection and application of insulating gloves


Insulating gloves are made of special rubber with good insulating properties, which are required to be thin, soft and have sufficient insulating strength and mechanical strength. Insulating gloves can insulate people's hands from charged bodies and prevent people from touching charged bodies with the same potential or touching charged bodies with the same potential or touching charged bodies with different potentials at the same time. Among the existing insulating safety appliances, the scope of use is the widest, and the amount of use is the largest. According to the raw materials used, it can be divided into rubber insulating gloves and latex insulating gloves.

Insulation boots and gloves withstand voltage tester


Insulated gloves are available in two sizes: 12kV and 5kV. The experimental voltage of 12kV insulating gloves reaches 12kV. When working in high voltage areas above 1kV, they can only be used as auxiliary safety protection tools and cannot be in contact with live equipment. They can be used as basic safety tools when working in live work areas below 1kV, that is, after wearing gloves, hands can touch live equipment below 1kV (except for other parts of the body) KV insulating gloves are suitable for electrical power industry, industrial and mining General low-voltage electrical equipment in businesses and rural areas.


Insulated Gloves


When working in a voltage area below 1kV, it can be used as auxiliary safety equipment; when working in a voltage area below 250V, it can be used as a basic safety device; when working in a voltage area above 1kV, it is strictly forbidden to use such insulating gloves.


1.5kV resistant rubber insulating gloves: five-finger gloves molded from insulating rubber sheets. Specifications: length (380 (10) mm, thickness (1 (0.4) mm), suitable for the electric power industry, industrial and mining enterprises and the occasions where ordinary low-voltage electrical appliances are used in rural areas, and can be used as auxiliary safety protection equipment when the voltage is lower than 1000V.


2. 12kV resistant insulating rubber gloves: Five finger gloves molded with insulating rubber sheets are beige, brown, soft and resistant to twists and turns. There are 380 models with an overall length of 380mm (10mm) and a middle finger length of 85mm (5mm). 350 models with an overall length of 350mm (10mm) and a middle finger length of 82mm (5mm). The palm surface and thickness are 1.8 mm (0.3 mm) for both models, and the palm length and thickness are 1.4 mm (0.3 mm) for both models. It is suitable for the operation of high and low voltage power equipment in the power industry and industrial and mining enterprises. Such gloves can only be used as auxiliary safety protection when working in high-voltage areas with voltages higher than 1000V, and must not touch electrical equipment.


The use of insulating gloves should comply with the relevant regulations of "Electrical Safety Work Regulations" (dl408-91 and dl409-91). Insulation gloves are tested every 6 months. The test voltage (AC) of the high-voltage insulating gloves is 9kV, and the leakage current is 9ma; the test voltage of the low-voltage insulating gloves is 2.5kV, and the leakage current is 5mA. If it does not meet the requirements, it should be stopped immediately.


Precautions for use


1. Use qualified insulating gloves (once every six months).


2. Before wearing, check the air tightness of insulating gloves. The specific method is to roll the glove from the mouth, apply air pressure on the palm and fingers with a little force, and check for air leakage in the above areas. If it exists, it cannot be used.


3. When using, please be careful to prevent sharp objects from piercing the gloves.


4. Please store in a dry place after use, and keep away from grease and corrosive drugs.


5. The appearance of insulating gloves should be checked before use. It is forbidden to use it in case of stickiness, cracking, cracking (air leakage), air bubbles, brittleness and other damage.


6. Insulating gloves should be worn during equipment power test, switch operation, installation and removal of ground wire, etc.


7. When using insulating gloves, the cuff of the coat should be placed in the opening of the glove tube.


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