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How long is the experimental period of insulating gloves


How long is the experimental period of insulating gloves


Insulated gloves that are used regularly should be tested at least every 6 months, and gloves that are used occasionally should be tested after each use! In any case, insulated gloves kept in warehouses should be tested every 12 months, The interval cannot exceed 12 months.

Executive standard


1. After the user purchases the gloves, if they find that they have been exposed to rain, moisture, mildew, or other abnormal changes during transportation and storage, they should go to a legal testing agency to conduct an electrical performance review test.


2. Inflatable inspection must be carried out before use. If any damage is found, it cannot be used.


3. When working, the cuffs of the clothes should be put into the mouth of the cylinder to prevent accidents.


4. After use, the internal and external dirt should be cleaned. After drying, sprinkle talcum powder and place it flat to prevent damage from pressure, and do not put it on the ground.


5. It should be stored in a warehouse with a dry and ventilated room temperature of -15°C to +30°C with a relative humidity of 50% to 80%, away from heat sources, and more than 20 cm away from the ground and walls. Avoid being affected by corrosive substances such as acid, alkali, oil, etc., do not place it in the open air, avoid direct sunlight, and do not place it on the ground.


6. A preventive test must be carried out after 6 months of use.


Insulation gloves use:


It has a protective effect on the hands or the human body. It is made of rubber, latex, plastic and other materials, and has the functions of anti-electricity, waterproof, acid and alkali resistance, chemical resistance and oil resistance. Suitable for power industry, automobile and machinery maintenance, chemical industry, precision installation. Each material has different characteristics and specific uses depending on the type of chemicals the gloves come into contact with.


Insulating gloves for live work are an important part of insulation protection in personal protective equipment. With the development of the power industry and the promotion of live work technology, more stringent requirements have been put forward for the safety of the use of live work insulating gloves. However, the current market production, distribution, and use of insulating gloves and insulating gloves for live work are confusing.


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